Must Eat Dishes Of All Time

Eat Dishes

Must Eat Dishes Of All Time

In today’s world where most of the people love to travel and stay at exotic destinations, not all of them like spending time with the locals and checking out the local dishes due to the amenities offered by luxurious hotels in multiple places.

While visiting any place from around the world, whether you like it or not but the best way to get a full experience and taste of the place you are visiting, is by trying out the local dishes of that place. The plus point of this is that you not only get to taste some new dishes, but most of them will also be pocket-friendly, which can help you save a ton of money on the trip. Thus to add on a little to your next trip the following are few of the dishes along with the best place to have them you must try.

  1. Meat Pie – Australia

If there is one country in the world which loves including meat in almost every single meal of the day, it’s Australia. They have the most number of pie stores compared to any other place in the world and due to this, the fusion of these was meant to happen. The Meat pie is one of their most famous delicacies and can be found in almost everywhere store in the country.

Meat Pie - Australia

  1. Moules Frites – Belgium

If there is one food in Belgium, which is as common as the burgers and fries in the US, then it’s probably Moules Frites. The food is a club of Mussels and fries, and the best way to enjoy this is by ordering the plain steamed with a little curry powder for additional taste along with it.

  1. Poutine – Canada


Poutine is an extremely popular dish in Canada as it has all the things that people love to eat, such as gravy, fries and cheese curd all clubbed into one.  The dish is made in more than 100 different variations which ensures that there is something for every taste bud.

  1. Steak and Kidney Pie – England

While this is one such dish which is popular in many countries, the origin and the tastiest form of this dish can only be found in England. The dish is generally made with lamb or pork kidneys which bring a soft and juicy feeling in any person’s mouth who tries this dish. Make sure to carry a sufficient amount of cash along with you, as this dish is not cheap.

  1. Spanakopita – Greece

The Spanakopita is one such dish whose origin can be dated back to over 400 years. The dish is a club of savoury spinach and feta pie, and can be found in almost any bakery in Greece.

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